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While quality is our top priority , we have noticed that there is a big difference in this aspect between the many different sun-umbrellas . More importantly, the life cycle of the frame and the cover differs enormously. Moths, mice, and birds makes replacement of the cover necessary but also in time cover colours fade and wares out naturally while most frames last much longer. All frames, even the cheaper ones, will outlast their original covers by years.


While sun-umbrellas are generally surrounded by chairs and tables, these “seats” are often completed with sun-umbrella’s in matching colours. Colour choices of sun-umbrella’s are also often based on the existing flora in gardens and or on terraces. And color choices can even be based on occasions … such as yellow for Easter; orange for Holland; red for love; and blue for navy for instance… The entire terrace or garden can be transformed into another theme, just by replacing the sun-umbrella cover. Please see our extensive color collection!


While it hardly takes any effort to replace a sun-umbrella cover, the price is relatively low. In times of “recession” it is only natural to consider how much you will be saving by only replacing your the old cover! “Count your profit !”


When cover of the sun-umbrellas are being replaced once in a while, the same old trusty sun umbrella frame can last for many summers. Therby saving raw materials such as wood and ore for the manufacturing of a new frames and so contributing to nature considerably.


There are three different fabric thicknesses or “qualities” to choose from: 180 , 200 and 220 gram m2. While 180 and 200 gram m2 are the most common qualities, we also have the heavy quality 220 gram m2 in store. We have also models with volant in this quality available. As of yet only in the coulours olive-green and ecru available.


Sunumbrella frames are generally produced in Indonesia and Thailand, while the fabrics are for the majority made in China. It is therefore of great importance that the dimensions are internarionaal are exactly correspond. UNIVERSAL words! Covers can be replaced easily. This counts for both standing – as for hanging models!

Your Sunumbrella Team

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